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Members and Visitors to Christ Lutheran or Zion Lutheran Churches…

We are concerned for one another and seek to show our care and concern with one another. Therefore, we are not mandating any type of “having to” come back to worship, but we are going to open the doors and invite you to come and be among us. In doing this we will be following protocols and directions that our congregations agree to and we are sharing with you. In this unprecedented time we are desiring to share God’s Word and hope to any and all who would want to hear.

We are promising to be careful with all persons, sensitive to your feelings and actions as well as being compassionate in our dealings with one another.

We will continue to share our worship on-line each week as well as being broadcast over the local cable channel 6 through Runestone.

We will have masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer available on a weekly basis for those in need of these items.

We will have seating requirements that go along with the social distancing requirement of 6 feet.

We will have structured dismissal with social distancing as a requirement. We will strongly encourage you to not stand around in the church but to congregate outside if you are visiting with others, again at a safe distance.

We pray that you will be thankful for the opportunity to return to Worship and share the Hope of Jesus Christ with those who gather and those who listen at home. Safety and concern for one another is our priority as we move forward.

Be well! Be Blessed!